Joomla Zero Day

A worldwide attack on Joomla CMS websites is underway and thousands of Joomla websites.

Dreaded Joomla Blank White Screen

Versions 1.5 and upwards have already been attacked and infected, many of them being forced offline, showing the dreaded blank white screen, whilst many other joomla web sites are ticking time bombs waiting to be knocked offline if not updated or redeveloped to the latest version as versions 1.5 & 2.5 are not supported anymore. So upgrading to the latest version is extremely important.

Has your Joomla Site been hacked?

Joomla websites need to be kept up to date just like any other website, tool or software, all plugins, components, modules, templates have to be up to date. You should make regular backups of your site, so if there are any problems you have a secure backup in case your site is comprimised.

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